Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stephanie's goes to e@Curve and New Year Giveaway

Hey all,

Stephanie's will be joining JouJou & Shugi Creative Fleamarket at e@Curve (formally known as Cinelesuire).

I will be sharing a booth with Girl's Vitamin, do drop by to visit us, this is Stephanie's first offline flea market and there'll be lots of new designs.

Date : 2nd (Saturday) -3rd (Sunday) January 2010
Time :11am -9pm
Venue : Ground floor , e@Curve

There's more, Steph's is celebrating New Year with her very first Giveaway!


To win this beautiful charmed bracelet handmade by yours truly, all you need to do is to be a follower to this blog and email me at stephaniefong.s@gmail.com , easy peasy lemon squeenzy!

  • the title for the email should be " Stephanie's New Year Giveaway"
  • if you are already a follower to this blog, please drop me an email too!
  • this Giveaway will close on 15th Jan 2010
  • the winner will be picked randomly and announced on 16th Jan 2010

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Get Hooked Christmas Collections

Designed exclusively for this coming season, TWO new sets of "Get Hooked" Celebration Collection Charms*, they made perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. Each designed and handmade with lots of love, we aimed to paint your Christmas with colors of happiness.

Set 1: All I Need for Christmas
Set 2: Frosty the Snowman and Friends

It's time to rock this Xmas, with your limited edition charms!
Check out how you can mix and match the charms to create the perfect gift for your friends and families and even for yourself!
Get hooked to the Get Hooked* limited Celebration charms HERE!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Hooked Collections -the collectable handmade charms


"Inspired by Thomas Sabo Charm Club Collection's "Select, Combine and Recombine" concept to allow jewellery lovers to create their own collection following their own desires, Stephanie's will be launching its new line - "Get Hooked" Collections.

The "Get Hooked" collections feature collectable polymer clay charms that could be attached to your bracelets, necklaces, bag charms, keyrings and handphone charms. Each pendant are hand crafted with love and carefully attached with a lobster clasps to allow you to easily hook on.




We will come out with a special theme every now and then and for every theme, there will be a collection of FIVE charms. You can buy them separately or get the whole set. They're limited edition, so watch out for the sales and be the first to own them!

Now you don't have to buy new bracelets or charms every now and then. Just swap the charms and VOILA! You get new accessories immediately! All charms are made to fit all the bracelets, necklaces, bag charms, keyring and handphone charms.

***Old McDonald's Farm***
Click HERE to get the Old McDonald's Farm now!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


***Triply*** (BA131)


Made with : Triple strands of gunmetal, gold n matte silver aluminum chain, glass briolette in champagne , Victorian style key charm in gold, glass pearl, gold plated round toggle

Measurement: 18cm
Price :RM30
Item Code :BA1319 (SOLD)

Simplicity Earrings

***Simplicity Earrings*** (EA023)


Made with : Sky blue facet glass tear drop wrapped with non-tarnish artistic silver wire, silver plated butterfly charm link, white gold plated ear hook

Measurement: 4.8cm (including ear hook)
Price :RM20
Item Code :EA023 (SOLD)


***Simplicity*** (BA130)


Made with : 3 strands of silver plated link chain, sky blue facet tear drop wrapped with non-tarnish artistic silver wire, silver plated butterfly charm, silver plated round toggle

Measurement: 17.5cm( chain), 4cm(extension)
Price :RM26
Item Code :BA130 (SOLD)

Sweet Violet

***Sweet Violet*** (EA022)


Made with : Oval link wrapped with glass pearl with non-tarnish artistic silver wire, purple glass tear drop, silver plated ear hook

Measurement: 5.5cm (with ear hook)
Price :RM20
Item Code :EA022


***Geishley*** (BA129)


Made with : 3 strands of silver plated chain with glass pearls, purple glass tear drop, milk purple rose cabochon (imported), 925 sterling silver lobster clasp

Measurement: 17.5cm( chain), 4cm(extension)
Price :RM28
Item Code :BA129(SOLD)

Butterfly Charm

***Butterfly Charm*** (EA021)


Made with : Antique gold butterfly bead charm, glass pearl, lemon yellow glass tear drop, gold plated ear hooks

Measurement: 5.5cm( including ear hook)
Price :RM15
Item Code :EA021

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lady Like

***Lady Link*** (NE042)


Made with : Natural Keisha pearl tear drop, antique gold heart link, 3 tiny glass pearls, copper/antique gold chain (imported), lobster clasp, gold plated link chain (extension chain)

Measurement: 39cm (chain), 5.5 (extension)
Price :RM30
Item Code :NE042 (SOLD)


***Elenna*** (BA128)


Made with : Double linked gunmetal chain, navy blue thick satin ribbon, oxidized tibetan silver bag charm, gunmetal chain, glass pearl, lobster clasp

Measurement: 17.5cm
Price :RM28
Item Code :BA128 (SOLD)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


***Cassdy*** (BA127)


Made with : Craved bronze chain, antique gold charms (butterfly, leaf, heart, angel) , peach glass pearls, pinkish peach facet glass beads, octagon clear glass bead, gold toggle

Measurement: 18.5cm
Price :RM50
Item Code :BA127 (SOLD)

Cassdy Earrings

***Cassdy Earrings*** (EA020)

cassdy earrings

Made with : peach glass pearls, copper/antique gold chain (imported), gold ear wire

Measurement: 8.5cm (total length)
Price :RM10
Item Code :EA020 (SOLD)


***Companion*** (BA126)


Made with : Gunmetal chain, cream glass pearls, violet top drilled glass beads, stainless steel rhinestones charms, round toggle

Measurement: 17.5cm
Price :RM30
Item Code :BA126(SOLD)

Bubbles Earrings

***Bubbles Earrings*** (EA019)

bubbles earrings

Made with : white gold plated & gunmetal chain, cream & blue glass pearls, clear facet glass beads, butterfly charms

Measurement : 9.5cm (total length)
Price :RM25
Item Code :EA019 (SOLD)


***Bubbles*** (BA125)


Made with : White gold plated chain, gunmetal chain, blue & cream glass beads, clear glass facet beads, silver butterfly charm, round toggle

Measurement: 17.5cm
Price :RM28
Item Code :BA125 (SOLD)


***Colours*** (EA018)


Made with :Swarovski bicones in shades of pink& purple, cream glass pearls, Swarovkis opal white bicone, pewter flower beads, acrylic clear briolette

Measurement: 4.5cm (length)
Price :RM25
Item Code :EA018 (SOLD)


***Possession*** (BA124)


Made with : total of 25 Tibetan silver charms (dragonfly, humming bird, leaf, keys, stars,butterflies, bee, Eiffel tower, snowflakes, anchor, dress, heart, seahorse, fairy, flower, starfish), Balinese round toggle, white gold plated chain, antique bronze plated chain, cream pearl glass, purple facet glass beads

Measurement :18.5cm
Price :RM50
Item code :BA124 (SOLD)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bracelets customization


Made with:
1)blue turquoise & black Czech glass beads, double linked gunmetal chain, Coach inspired black heart charm, pewter flower bead, round toggle(SOLD)

2) blue & black glass beads, craved silver chain, silver bird charm, hammered gunmental heart charm, heart toggle (SOLD)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bracelets customization


Made with:
1) copper/antique gold chain(imported), handmade turquoise blue polymer clay rose (varnished), sky blue square glass beads, sky blue Swarovski heart pendant, heart toggle (SOLD)

2) handmade silver plated jump rings chain, acrylic puffed heart charm in silver, round toggle (SOLD)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bracelets customization


Made with:
1) white gold plated chain, varies of glass pearls in shades of purple & peach, flower charms, lobster clasp (SOLD)

2) memory wire, MSB gold beads, opal purple & gold bell flower beads, red & purplse Czech beads, antique gold butterfly & leaf charms (SOLD)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bracelets customization

Made with:
1) milk purple seed beads (interlocks with chain), white gold plated chain, varies of Czech, glass beads in shades of purple, Woof and silver dog charm, heart toggle (SOLD)

2) silver rolo chain, pink heart Czech glass beads, antique silver flower bead, fuchsia "Coach" inspired butterfly charm, lobster clasp (SOLD)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Polymerclay customizations

Made with :handmade Polymer clay cupcakes charms in pastel colours, fuchsia korean hotfix acrylic "#1" charm, silver plated chain (SOLD)

Measurement: 1.5 x 1cm (polyclay cupcake), 36cm (chain)

Made with : Handmade polymerclay pendants, silver plated chain (SOLD)

Measurement: 1.5 x 1cm (polyclay lolli charm), 2 x 1.5 cm( red heart "M" charm) ,36cm (chain)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


***Mathilda*** (BA123)


Made with : Goldstone purple facet beads, purple rose cabochon (imported), violet teardrop glass bead, silver butterfly charm, heart charm toggle

Measurement :18cm
Price: RM33
Item Code :BA123 (SOLD)

Sweet candy rose hair pins

***Sweet Candy Rose Hair pins*** (HA001-HA004)



Made with :Rose cabochons (Imported), rose gold bobby pins

Measurement :1.3cm (cabochon), 5.5cm (pin)
Price: RM10 /each
Item Code :others SOLD, HA004 (fuschia)available


***Maxine*** (BA122)


Made with :Antique gold heart charm connectors, gold plated round toggle

Measurement :17.5cm
Price: RM22
Item Code :BA122 (SOLD)


***Natelie*** (NE041)


Made with :Antique gold/copper chain (Imported) , gold plated butterfly connector charms, peach flower cabochon (imported), pink Swarovski bicone, rose gold lobster clasp

Measurement :39cm
Price: RM28
Item Code :NE041 (SOLD)

Lady Queen

***Lady Queen*** ( BA121)


Made with : Silver plated rolo chain (Imported), goldstone purple facet beads, Victorian blue queen cameo with clear Swarovski flat back, oxidized brass crown charm (Imported), blue glass pearls, silver flower connector

Measurement :17.5cm
Price: RM32
Item Code :BA121 (SOLD)

Sweet Royal

s***Sweet Royal***(NE040)


Made with :Brass Fleur di lis bronze brass charm (Imported), AB clear octagon Swarovski, bronze ribbon bow connector, bronze chain (Imported)

Measurement : 43cm
Price :RM25
Item code : NE040 (SOLD)


***Lena*** (NE039)


Made with :White daisy cabochon (imported), antique silver dragonfly & flower charm, milk blue & white Swarovski bicones, silver plated chain, 925 silver lobster clasp

Measurement : 38cm (shorter), 44cm (longer), 2.5 cm (daisy cabochon)
Price :RM38
Item code : NE039 (SOLD)

Charmed Bangle

***Charmed Bangle*** (BA120)

charmed bangle

Made with :Silver finish metal bangles, antique gold leaf & butterfly charm, grey & black round facet glass beads

Measurement :6.5cm (diameter) -suits wrist measurement 15-16cm
Price :RM21
Item Code :BA120

Crystal Clear

***Crystal Clear*** (NE038)


Made with :Silver plated chain, silver butterfly connector, clear glass briolette, turquoise,blue,purplse chinese crystal facet glass beads.

Measurement :70cm (without drops),74.5cm(with the drops)- Long necklace
Price :RM38
Item code : NE038 (SOLD)


***Vinny-Angel*** (BA119)


Made with :Matte finish gold aluminum (Imported), green acrylic bow charm, black facet glass bead, bronze chain, Victorian style gold key charm, champagne clear briolette angle charm, ivory rose cabochon, antique gold angel charm, bronze round link, violet teardrop , antique gold butterfly charm , gold plated round toggle

Measurement :18cm
Price: RM35
Item Code :BA119 (SOLD)


***Johanna*** (BA118)


Made with :Black & violet glass bicones, Fleur Di Lis bronze brass charm (Imported), bronze beaded dragonfly charm, purplse glass flower bell, bronze brass ribbon bow connector, lobster clasp.

Measurement :17.5cm
Price: RM28
Item Code :BA118 (SOLD)


***Maroon*** (RA018)


Made with : Maroon chrysanthemum cabochon (Imported), gunmetal filigree ring base (Imported)

Measurement : 1.5cm ( cabochon), ring base adjustable
Price :RM28
Item Code RA018 (SOLD)