Wednesday, January 21, 2009


***Oasis*** (BA044)


Made with : Glass beads, white gold plated chain, leaf and butterfly charms.

Measurement : 17.5-18cm
Price :RM25.90
Item Code :BA044 (SOLD)


***Ruby*** (BA043)


Made with : Enamel charms, white gold plated chain, glass tear drops.

Measurement : 17.5-18cm
Price :RM30
Item Code :BA043 (SOLD)

Happy Chinese New Year!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Charmed earrings

These charmed earrings were specially made for a customer of mine.

IMG_2890 copy

Made with : Varies glass beads and glass pearl, silver charms

Price : RM12 (each pair) (SOLD)
Measurement : diameter 2.5cm -3.0cm (without charms & hooks)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Phew....!! Finally finished up all my custom made orders last week. I'm so excited!! Because I'll be having 2 weeks long holiday back at home. But don't be afraid, I will be bringing back all my beads and etc, so, still have new designs coming up :)

Till then, enjoy some of my custom made designs, *heart* them :)

custome made 1

custom made2

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Morning Glory

***Morning Glory*** (BA042)

Created from clear glass nugget and pink glass bicone beads. Flowers and birds, what a beautiful morning !

morning glory

Made with : Glass nuggets and bicones, birdie charm

Measurement :17.5-18cm
Price :RM23.90
Item code : BA042 (SOLD)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Royal Bridal

***Royal Bridal*** (BA041)

How do i say? Bold and elegant? Fresh water pearls are just perfect for everything, isn't it? This beautiful bracelet is the combination of fresh water pearls, dyed shells and satin ribbon altogether. Wear this and feel elegant all day long...:)

royal bridal

Made with : fresh water pearls, royal blue dyed shell, satin ribbon, acrylic heart charm, white gold plated chain.

Measurement :18cm
Price : RM 25
Item Code :BA041 (SOLD)

Baby Blue

***Baby Blue*** (BA040)

Perfect for a lovely Sunday morning, with breakfast and book by the pool side, don't you think so? I just love the baby blue satin ribbon on the chain, give me a calm and smoothing sensation.

baby blue

Made with : Baby blue satin ribbon, Sworovski heart crystal, white gold plated chain and LOVE charm

Measurement :17.5 -18cm
Price : RM25.90
Item Code :BA040 (SOLD)

Purple sentimental

***Purple Sentimental***(BA039)

This simple bracelet is spiced up with purple bicones and has triple chains. Not chunky at all, yet not too simple.

purple sentimental copy

Made with : White gold plated chains, glass purple bicones, tous inspired silver bear and heart charm.

Measurement : 18cm
Price :RM21.90
Item Code : BA039 (SOLD)

Blue Clover

***Blue Clover*** (BA038)

Four leaf clovers are said to bring good luck, may this unique piece of clover leaf bracelet brings you good luck in the brand new year of 2009 :)

blue clover

Made with : Japanese faux pearl, glass beads

Measurement : 17.5cm
Price :RM25.90
Item Code : BA038 (SOLD)

Monday, January 5, 2009


***Affection*** (BA037)

Love the turquoise round glass pearls! A sea creature is a perfect match for these beads, don't you think so?


Made with : Turquoise glass pearl, clear glass donut beads, white gold plated link chain, silver seahorse charm

Measurement :18cm (including toggle )
Price :RM23.90
Item Code : BA037 (SOLD)

Baby Cradle

***Baby Cradle*** (BA036)

Something that reminds me of baby cradle in pastel pink, filled with lots of cute little stuffed toys.

baby cradle

Made with : Pink glass bicones, pewter charms.

Measurement :18.5cm (including toggle)
Price :RM22
Item code :BA036 (SOLD)

Friday, January 2, 2009


***Attitude*** (BA035)

Hello there!! I'm finally back from holiday, not entirely back though, still in holiday hang over. I wasn't feeling too well the entire last week, totally wasted!

I've actually designed a few pieces of bracelets before Christmas, i just don't have the time to get them posted up, but mean while here's one as your appetizer, I promise I will update as soon as the pictures are ready :)

The bracelet is simple and sweet yet with a little bit of attitude.


Made with : Glass beads, "made with love" heart charm and silver toggle.

Measurement : approx 18cm (including toggle)
Price :RM21
Item code :BA035 (SOLD )