Tuesday, November 25, 2008

POKER Poker poker

This bracelet was a custom made piece. Black was the primary colour as these poker card charms somehow reminds me of tuxedos in casinos.


Made with : White gold plate chain, varies glass beads, acrylic red beads and stainless steel charms.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love is in the Air

***Love Is In The Air*** (BA027)

I have been waiting for these cute lil wing charms to arrive, it took me almost a month! I can't wait to turn them into cute accessories, how do you like this?

love is in the air

Made with: Glass bicones, wing charms, love charm and silver bell.

Measurement : 17cm
Price : RM 25.90
Item : BA027 (SOLD)

Black Bow

***Black Bow***(BA026)

My my my, this is something different , yes? Black ribbon bow on a bracelet, this will definitely makes you look great!

black bow

Made with : White gold plated chain, glass beads, pewter dragonfly charm, satin black ribbon.

Measurement : 17.5cm
Price : RM21.90
Item code : BA026 (SOLD)

updated 8 Dec 2008:
I've made another black bow in pink for Jen See.


Cherry love

***Cherry Love*** (BA025)

Girly yet fun, I love the combination of pearl peach beads and chunky love charm. I think this bracelet is a must have when you go to a party, don't you think so?

cherry love

Made with : White gold plated chain, acrylic beads, black glass beads, silver plated awareness charm, acrylic love and flower bell charm.

Measurement : 18cm
Price :RM25.90
Item code : BA025 (SOLD)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


***Snow*** (BA024)

Christmas is coming, winter is approaching to many countries, but certainly not in Malaysia, so sad right? I wish there's snow during Christmas.

Some fun facts I've read, each snowflake has it's own design, and you can never find 2 snowflakes with the same pattern.

"Under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles of beauty; and it seemed a shame that this beauty should not be seen and appreciated by others. Every crystal was a masterpiece of design and no one design was ever repeated. When a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost. Just that much beauty was gone, without leaving any record behind,"

Quote Wilson Bentley (1865-1931), the first person who photographed the 1st snowflake picture. Apparently, snowflakes are called snow crystal.


Made with : White gold plated chain, opal and rose quartz chips, glass bicones, silver bell and snow flake charm.

Measurement : 17.5cm
Price : RM 18.90
Item code :BA024 (SOLD)

updated 8 Dec 2008:

A matching necklace to go with the bracelet.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jump rings only

I discover this amazing way to make use of jump rings. I find it totally unique and adorable, though it was something really labour consuming. My fingers felt sore upon completion of this bracelet.


Made with jump rings only. I've made this for myself, but if you're really interested in buying something like this, do let me know. This will cost a bit more than my usual bracelets, without the charms, it will cost about RM30 :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


***Belley*** (NE003)

Oh, this necklace feels so sweet, so much like when I was just a little girl.


made with : White gold plated chain, glass bicone, cat's eye beads, pewter charms.

Measurement : 45cm (excluded chain extension)
Price :RM20.90
Item code :NE003 (SOLD)



Can you hear the sleigh bell already? Christmas is only a month from now yet I am already into the mood. Shopping for gift and all, preparation for church celebration, planning on leaves and traveling.

I must say, Christmas is my favourite season, where i can shop for gifts and wrapping decorations.


Made with : Velvet ribbon, alloy charms and silver plated bell.

Measurement : 19.0cm
Price :RM20.90
Item code :BA023 (SOLD)


***Abby*** (BA022)

It was raining cats and dogs when my inspiration for this bracelets came in.

Blue has always been known as the colour of the ocean, that explain why I've used blue lampwork beads , whereas, cube glass beads resemble the crystal clear water in the sea which will soon to be so polluted by the human caused.

Please save the ocean.


Made with : Lampwork beads, glass beads, silver plated bee charm

Measurement :18.0 cm
price : RM25.90
Item code : BA022 (SOLD)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



As I was chatting with sim just now, he told me that Christmas is like soft cheerful music and blissful holiday. I'm already longing for Christmas and I believe most people do.

This bracelet has combination of soft pink and white which reminds me so much that Christmas is coming.


Made with : White gold plated chain, rose quartz and opal chips,pink glass bicone, white snowflake charm

Measurement : 18.5cm
Price :RM23.90
Item code :BA0021 (SOLD)

Stary Stary

***Stary Stary*** (NE002)

I started this hobby plainly because I like bracelets so much that I wanted my bracelets or any accesories of mine to be special and one of a kind. You might have noticed I've designed mostly bracelets and so few on necklace. So here I've something very simple and versatile.

You can wear it a lot of different ways, be creative, darlings!

stary stary

Made with :White gold plated chain, acrylic bead, glass beads, silver plated star charm

Measurement : around 66 cm
Price :RM20.90
Item code : NE002 (SOLD)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sweet Lollipop

***Sweet Lollipop*** (BA020)

This little bikini bottom charm is so sweet, and it's in pink :) I've used it as a connector to the chain and toggle, something different ya?

sweet lollipop

Made with : White gold plated chain, glass cube bead, silver plated charms.

Measurement : 19cm (including toggle)
Price : RM21.90
Item code :BA020 (SOLD)

Peaceful charm

***Peaceful Charm*** (BA019)

How would you like to have dove, butterfly , dragonfly and daisy on your wrist? Love the combination of the charms, it feels like a garden full with purple lavender and beautiful birds!

peaceful charm

Made with : Acrylic beads, silver plated charms, heart love connector.

Measurement : 19cm (Including toggle)
Price : RM 23.90
Item code : BA019 (SOLD)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Frosty kitten

***Frosty Kitten*** (BA018)

Something cute here, I find the kitty charm really adores me a lot, I love it at my 1st sight. A smaller "make with love "charm is attached to its tail, giving some details to the charm. OMG, i love this so much, i should make one and keep it for myself , isn't it?

frosty kitten

Made with : White satin ribbon, silver plated charms.

Measurement :17cm
Price :RM20.90
Item code :BA018 (SOLD)


***Shirley** (BA017)

This bracelet is named after my mom's, it somehow reminds me of her, the large tote bag and pumps. I am keeping my design simple lately, I prefer adding more details on the chain rather than more charms and beads.

I am amazed how a simple silver chain can be made into something so elegant and suitable for any occasion, be it a wild crazy party or a quite candle light dinner :)


Made with : Dark blue satin ribbon, Japanese faux pearl, silver plated charm bag, alloy pumps heel charm.

Measurement : 17cm
Price : RM20.90
Item code : BA017 (SOLD)


This bracelet was a matching item for my ring and necklace. I was shopping and i saw this black heart necklace from DIVA, to my shock that it has exactly the same heart shape as my ring (it is my favourite ring).

I was trilled, already had that though of converting it to a matching bracelet even before I'd made the purchase. What was even happier that it came with double black heart charms! This means i can transform it to a necklace and a bracelet, HAPPIIEE!!

steph's dark love

Made with :White gold plated chain, acrylic black beads and black heart charm