Friday, July 31, 2009

Lock My Heart

***Lock My Heart***(NE033)


Made with : White gold plated chain, Swarovski bicones in shades of pink, peach rose cabochon (imported), silver round locket, silver ribbon bow connector.

Measurement :46cm(chain)
Price :RM35
Item code : NE033 (SOLD OUT)

Bright New Day

***Bright new Day*** (BA109)


Made with : Handmade Polymer clay rainbow charm ( Glossed with varnish), pink rose cabochon (imported), aluminum chain, antique silver toggle

Measurement :18.5cm
Price: RM25
Item Code :BA109 (SOLD)


***Gina*** (BA108)


Made with : Aluminum chain, matte daisy glass bead, glass beads, opalite glass belle flower, pewter wings

Measurement :17.5cm
Price :RM24
Item code : BA108 (SOLD OUT)

Cherry Birdie

***Cherry Birdie*** (BA107)


Made with : Handmade polymerclay bird charm (glossed with varnish), ruby crazy lace Agate gemstones, aluminum chain, antique silver flower toggle, "made with love" heart charm

Measurement :18.5cm
Price :RM28
Item code :BA107 (SOLD)


***Claryn*** (NE032)


Made with :Natural pearls in cream, matte daisy glass bead, silver plated chain, 925 Sterling silver lobster clasp

Measurement : 39cm (chain)
Price :RM28
Item code :NE032 (SOLD)

Snow White

***Snow White*** (RA014)


Made with : White rose cabochon (Imported), antique bronze ring base with filigree base (Imported)

Measurement : 2cm (filigree), 1.5cm ( cabochon), ring base adjustable
Price :RM20
Item Code RA014 (SOLD OUT)

*Cabochon flowers are glued to ring base with special type of industrial glue to ensure lasting adhesiveness*

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freeze blue

***Freeze Blue*** (RA013)


Made with : Baby blue chrysanthemum cabochon (Imported), gunmetal ring base with filigree base (Imported)

Measurement : 2cm (filigree), 1.5cm ( cabochon), ring base adjustable
Price :RM20
Item Code RA013 (SOLD)

*Cabochon flowers are glued to ring base with special type of industrial glue to ensure lasting adhesiveness*

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New In August



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monkey & dragon polymerclay keychains

These are 2 customized polymer clay key chains that i think it's too cute not to talk about it, they're much bigger than the usual polymer clay charms, about 5cm in height.


Made with : Handmade polymer (glossed with varnish), glass beads, Silver keyrings
Measurement : Approx. 5cm (poly charm)
Price: RM25/piece (SOLD)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rainbow Carrington Necklace

***Rainbow Carrington Necklace*** (NE031)

rainbow carrington necklace

Made with : Silver plated chain, 925 sterling silver lobster clasp, facet chinese crystal in varies colours

Measurement :36cm
Price :RM28
Item code : NE031 (SOLD)


***Angel*** (BA106)


Made with : angel charm in pewter wings, glass facet bead and glass bell flower in white opal, hammered gunmetal heart charm, gunmetal chain and lobster clasp, opal chips, electric blue glass bicone beads.

Measurement :18cm
Price :RM28
Item code :BA106 (SOLD)

Friday, July 17, 2009


***Jonna***( BA105)


Made with : clear glass oval beads, acrylic black beads, antique gold/copper chain, black coach inspired enemal charm, acrylic ribbon bow connector, platinum plated round toggle

Measurement :17.5cm
Price :RM25
Item Code :BA105 (SOLD)

Fairy's tale

***Fairy's Tale*** (NE030)

fairy's tale

Made with : Gold brass fairy's charm(imported), milk blue Swarovski bicone, bronze chain and findings (Imported)

Measurement :41cm (chain)
Price :RM28
Item Code :NE030 (SOLD)


***Sparrow*** (BA104)


Made with : Cream glass pearls, vintage gold/copper chain, gold sparrow charm, gold plated heart toggle

Measurement : 19cm
Price :RM30
Item code :BA104 (SOLD)

New In July

It's been a disaster, I can't log on to the internet because my modem is spoil! I'll update with more pretty trinkets once my modem is up:)

here's a little peek on what's coming up next, stay tuned and don't go away ya.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Classy glass pearls -Customization

Cream glass pearls and bronze are perfectly match! So classy and delicate!


Made with : Glass pearls, bronze findings, antique bronze charms, bronze chain

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Polymer clay roses- customization

To keep this blogshop interesting, I've decided to post up special customization designs once in a while :)

These are special, because of it's combination of different materials, I've handmade the roses myself because i simply don't like the ready made polymer clay rose beads sell in the shops, it's not that they're not nice, they're very delicate but i wanted something unique.


Made with : Polymer clay rose, glass beads, antique gold/copper chain (Imported), Swarovski heart pendant.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Classy Belle

*** Classy Belle*** (EA017)


Made with : Handmade polymer-clay rose in white (glossed with varnish), silver bow connector, alloy hinged lever back back ear wire

Measurement 1.5cm(rose), 4cm (total length)
Price :RM20
Item Code :EA017 (SOLD)


***Venus*** (EA015 -EA016)


Made with : Bronze metal bow connector (Imported), bronze ear hooks, chrysanthemum cabochon in turquoise & frosty matte white ( Imported)

Measurement : 2.5cm (length without ear hook), 4cm ( with ear hook), 1.5cm (cabochon)
Price :RM25
Item code : SOLD OUT


*** Capri*** (BA103)


Made with : Bronze butterfly filigree, bronze metal rose bead, cream ivory Czech beads, jet glass bead, gold plated clasp

Measurement : 18cm (chain), 4.5 x 2.5 cm (butterfly filigree)
Price :RMxx
Item Code :BA103 (SOLD)


***Dream*** (BA102)


Made with : Flat round Czech beads in turquoise, gunmetal plated double linked chain, Coach inspired blue butterfly charm, dream charm, daisy flower charm

Measurement : 18.5cm
Price :RM28
Item Code :BA102 (SOLD)

Lovely Lace

*** Lovely Lace*** (RA012)

lovely lace

Made with : Frosty matte white chrysanthemum cabochon ( Imported), gunmetal ring base with filigree base (Imported)

Measurement : 2cm (filigree), 1.5cm ( cabochon), ring base adjustable
Price :RM20
Item Code RA012 (SOLD OUT)


***Audrey*** (NE029)


Made with : Bronze butterfly filigree, Swarovski bicones, bronze plated chain (imported), metal rose (imported)

Measurement : 36cm (chain), 4.5 x 2.5 cm (butterfly filigree)
Price :RM28
Item code :NE029 (SOLD)

Customized polymer clay charms

I've been customizing polymer clay charmed bracelets and I have to admit that I enjoyed doing it. It's so much fun to see how pieces of unshaped clay turned into something so sweet and charming.

A bit of information about customized polymer clay charms with Stephanie's,

1. charms will be ready in a week's time upon confirmation of designs, because i usually take orders on the weekdays and make them on the weekends, which I'll more time for myself.

2. charms are charged individually according to its size and level of difficulty, usually ranging from RM5 -RM15 per charms. Discounts are usually given if you order more than 5 charms. Which means, the more you order, more discounts will be given.

3. Charms are usually coated with a layer of glossy varnish, but for matte effect, nothing will be applied on to it. In certain shapes, like marsh mallows, it's nicer without coated glossy varnish.

4. All charms will be bubble wrapped individually to avoid being broken during shipment, because Pos Malaysia never handle parcel with care.

5. Ordering them is easy, just list down the items you wish have to on your bracelet, colour & shape (pictures are the best way to describe), then i'll send u a quotation of each charms. Upon confirmation, please don't do last minute back out, because polymer clay is quite costly.

1. cow, cookie, purple macaroon, vanilla cupcake with cherry, rainbow, cone ice-cream
2. biscuit, strawberry, marsh mallow, cupcake, cookie, blue-violet lollipop

3. smiley marsh-mallows in varies colours.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New in July

Coming soon, stay tuned and don't go away. It's all about butterflies and flowers, vintage inspired :)