Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Key Chain

Alicia was my 1st customer, she requested a pair of matching key chains for her car-keys. Black was what she wanted.

licia's custom made

Girl and boy charms, aren't they lovely?


nana naoko-san said... u make key n lock key chains? big key n lock wud do..preferably wit the boy gal thing together with the lock n much wud u charge then?

friend are turning 21!! need those charms :P

Stephanie meiyu said...

Hi nana Naoko-san, i have key and lock charms, but they're in moderate size, i don't have those really big ones. I have pink locks, if your friend is a girl...

u can always let me know your budget, i'll see what i can do :)

Lobak said...

Thanks thanks so much Steph. Using them already...Loving them So so so much!! =) Will blog bout them soon :)

NEways, I love those charmed bangles u made....AWESOME!

Take care...

Stephanie meiyu said...

No problem licia! I'm really happy u like it :P

have a safe trip to beijing and don't drink milk :P

Christine said...

hi~ erm...stephanie rite?
I love ur handmade craft so so so so so much ^^
they were all so special ~
erm... I like this key chain very much too but do u sell them in pairs or ...??
n if i don't want d boy n girl charm can i just change into those stainless steel snow flake charm?
how much will that cost??

n my friend is gonna turn 21 soon I like to give her a little something from ur creation....
do u hv any sugesstion?

ps:can u pls contact me at ?? thx =)

nadia said...

Hi Stephanie,
I was wondering if you can make another one pair of that boy and girl keychain? I like the style and I would love to hang it on my cellphone.

stephanie said...

dear nadia,
thank you for your comment, but I'm sorry to tell you that the boy/girl charms are out of stock :( i have another type of boy girl stainless steel charm with blings, i can make something similar to this. Please email me if you're interested :)