Sunday, January 18, 2009


Phew....!! Finally finished up all my custom made orders last week. I'm so excited!! Because I'll be having 2 weeks long holiday back at home. But don't be afraid, I will be bringing back all my beads and etc, so, still have new designs coming up :)

Till then, enjoy some of my custom made designs, *heart* them :)

custome made 1

custom made2


Carmen said...

ooo.. stephanie!! i love the purple bracelet and also the top left corner one... can you let me know the price for those? i might want to get something similar...

i won't be ordering anytime soon... i'll put my next order sometime in feb/march.. can you also do custom order for bangles?? i notice you haven't been making much bangles lately...

the aces bracelet is just nice for CNY gambling don't you think??

Stephanie meiyu said...

Hi carmen! Happy chinese new year!
The purple bracelet was sold at RM21 and the top left wa sold at RM20.

Yes,i do customization for bangles. I am kinda busy lately, but i promise will design more bangles :)

Sure it is, poker charms was one of my top selling charms during this festive season .