Saturday, February 14, 2009


***Elizabeth*** (BA052)

Red has been my favourite colour, in way, it symbolizes ladies with passionate in every walks of their life.

...and you know what? Red reminds me of my mom who had fought against cancer with passion and a cheerful mind.


Made with : Vintage chains (Imported), Japanese Tensha round beads, glass beads, glass pearl, vintage heart ,leaf & butterfly charm, heart toggle.

Measurement :18.5cm
(unavailable for remakes)
Price :RM32
Item code :BA052(SOLD)


tc10 said...

hi i love this much when i 1st saw this, can remake 4 me? tanx 4 reply.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Hi tc, sorry for replying so late ya, it seems that blogger didn't send me any notification on new comments.
I'm sorry dear, i this is not remake-able because the red tensha beads is out of stock and restocking them might be not too soon. I can always customize something similar for you, do email me ya :)