Monday, March 23, 2009

Fossil Gold

*** Fossil Gold *** (HP006-HP007-HP008)

Tiny antique gold charms are pressed into polymer clay to create an impression of fossils. They are surely one of a kind :)

*Polymer clay is a type of clay that is soft and can be model into any shapes or colours. These clay can be baked into ceramic like hardness and water proof.*


fossil gold

Made with : Polymer clay (glossed), antique gold charms, Swarovski crystals

Measurement :Approx. 2.2cm (pendant size)
Price : RM8.90 (each)
Item code : HP006 (leaf)
(SOLD) - HP007 (angel)(SOLD) - HP008 (butterfly)(SOLD)

p/s: It is possible to convert these into necklaces or bracelets with chain of your choice, please email me ^_^

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