Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fairy's Love

***Fairy's Love*** (BA076)

fairy's love

Made with : Brass chain (imported), cream glass pearls, antique bronze fairy & heart charms

Measurement :18.5cm( without extension), 2cm (extension)
Price :RM28
Item code : BA076 (SOLD)


venus said...

Hi remake available for this design? I would like the cream glass pearls to be replace with fresh water pearl in green or pink. How much will it cost me?

stephanie said...

Hi Venus, thank you for your comment, this bracelet design is remake-able, but the bronze heart charm is out of stock, it can be replace with this one

I can replace them with apple green freash water pearls, since it's natural pearls, it's shape is uneven, it will not be round. RM31

it can be replace with peach-pink glass pearls, price will be the same RM28

venus said...

Hi Stephanie. Would like to proceed with the customization.
I want the peach-pink glass pearls. And the heart charm should be ok. No problem with that. Please email me at