Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Purple Rain

***Purple Rain*** (BA111)

purple rain

Made with : Amethyst gemstone chips, facet glass beads in shades of pink/purple, silver heart charm, "dream" charm, round toggle, gunmetal chain, diamante spacer connectors

Measurement :18cm
Price: RM26
Item Code :BA111 (SOLD)


yin said...

no more? argghh...i told marcus i wanted this.. :( do you have anymore? or is just one only :(
blame it on marcus.. :( when is the next one coming up??

stephanie said...

hahaha, both of u are really cute! anyway, the bracelet is remake-able, i can make another exact one for you :) when do u want it? let me know ya.

stephanie said...

Yin, just text me, Marcus should have my phone number

princess arneelya said...

i want this bracelet too..
can u make one for me?

Stephanie meiyu said...

sure thing princess :) could you email me ?

squash said...

Hi, I love all your jewelry!

stephanie said...

Thank you for dropping by, squash :)