Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stephanie's goes to e@Curve and New Year Giveaway

Hey all,

Stephanie's will be joining JouJou & Shugi Creative Fleamarket at e@Curve (formally known as Cinelesuire).

I will be sharing a booth with Girl's Vitamin, do drop by to visit us, this is Stephanie's first offline flea market and there'll be lots of new designs.

Date : 2nd (Saturday) -3rd (Sunday) January 2010
Time :11am -9pm
Venue : Ground floor , e@Curve

There's more, Steph's is celebrating New Year with her very first Giveaway!


To win this beautiful charmed bracelet handmade by yours truly, all you need to do is to be a follower to this blog and email me at stephaniefong.s@gmail.com , easy peasy lemon squeenzy!

  • the title for the email should be " Stephanie's New Year Giveaway"
  • if you are already a follower to this blog, please drop me an email too!
  • this Giveaway will close on 15th Jan 2010
  • the winner will be picked randomly and announced on 16th Jan 2010


YT said...

Congratulations on the first flea market! Can't be there to show support so I am sending my mental support from up North :)

May u hv a good time there.

Oh, lovely giveaway! I want it too but I guess is not fair since I know u personally *sulk* Fine, I won't participate! Hahah...

Stephanie meiyu said...

I'm will not be in the fleamarket, just tumpang on someone else's booth, hahaha, i'll be back by then,

hweeen said...

nice bracelet....
i want it...i want it...
hope i can get it !!!(praying)

btw,i already email to you ..

Shaim said...

Its so cute
I love it
Iam a new follower
pray to win

ShA-RiFa said...

u're so creative
i am new follower
hope to win this ^_~

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thank you girls! good luck to you all, i'll have more giveaway in the future :)

ViRgO g@L said...

Nice Stephanie.. Good luck to myself..^^

keep in hard work.

Stephanie meiyu said...

Thank you virgo gal, remember to email me with your email address ya, because I'm using the emails to pick the lucky winner :)

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