Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rainbow Carrington Necklace

***Rainbow Carrington Necklace*** (NE031)

rainbow carrington necklace

Made with : Silver plated chain, 925 sterling silver lobster clasp, facet chinese crystal in varies colours

Measurement :36cm
Price :RM28
Item code : NE031 (SOLD)


Jerine said...

eh...where is yellow and orange?

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahahaaha, don't have yellow and orange, but it's colourful, so i'll call it rainbow :)

Jerine said... i found a craft jewelry shop over here. if you need anything let me know.

Stephanie meiyu said...

oh really?!?!?!? but how to tell you what i wanted leh? since i don't know what they have there :P

Jerine said...

u can google the photo and give it to me lah. i can find. they have almost everything under the sun. the shop is double story with everything jewelry craft stuff. really huge!

Stephanie meiyu said...

arrrrhhh!!! why its not here in penang?!?!