Monday, July 6, 2009

Customized polymer clay charms

I've been customizing polymer clay charmed bracelets and I have to admit that I enjoyed doing it. It's so much fun to see how pieces of unshaped clay turned into something so sweet and charming.

A bit of information about customized polymer clay charms with Stephanie's,

1. charms will be ready in a week's time upon confirmation of designs, because i usually take orders on the weekdays and make them on the weekends, which I'll more time for myself.

2. charms are charged individually according to its size and level of difficulty, usually ranging from RM5 -RM15 per charms. Discounts are usually given if you order more than 5 charms. Which means, the more you order, more discounts will be given.

3. Charms are usually coated with a layer of glossy varnish, but for matte effect, nothing will be applied on to it. In certain shapes, like marsh mallows, it's nicer without coated glossy varnish.

4. All charms will be bubble wrapped individually to avoid being broken during shipment, because Pos Malaysia never handle parcel with care.

5. Ordering them is easy, just list down the items you wish have to on your bracelet, colour & shape (pictures are the best way to describe), then i'll send u a quotation of each charms. Upon confirmation, please don't do last minute back out, because polymer clay is quite costly.

1. cow, cookie, purple macaroon, vanilla cupcake with cherry, rainbow, cone ice-cream
2. biscuit, strawberry, marsh mallow, cupcake, cookie, blue-violet lollipop

3. smiley marsh-mallows in varies colours.


Jerine said...

hey that's yvonne's charms! i saw it while i was in KL. super pretty. the marsmallow are so cute!!!

Stephanie meiyu said...

oh yes, its her bracelet, and i saw the picture both bracelets I've made for u and her in your flickr.

I'm so happy!

marsh is super cute, wait till u see the necklace, it has a ribbon bow...

yk said...

imma proud owner here~lol~hi *waves*
its me,d one who has d marshmallowssss^^

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha!! I'm so happy you love the bracelet.i like it a lot too :)

Eunice said...

Ya, marsh mallows's are super cute. Got blusher some more :">

Stephanie meiyu said...

yeap yeap, blushing marsh mallows :)

Yvonne Yong said...

ahh!! i just noticed this post! my bracelet! :P

omigosh i want the smiley marshmellow!!! can i order next year? HAHAHA. :p

Stephanie meiyu said...

yea yea, it's your bracelet there :) haha, why next year, this year la

Yvonne Yong said...

cannot lar.. i won't be back until next year. T.T

Stephanie meiyu said...

awwww....nvm nvm, i'm sure i still make these next year :)

Lynnett said...

hello! :)

may i know the price for the first charm bracelet, the one with "cow, cookie, purple macaroon, vanilla cupcake with cherry, rainbow, cone ice-cream" and the marshmellows..?! :)

do email me at, thank you very much. very nice, cute little pieces btw. :)

nadja said...

omg, the cow one is mine! :)
love it
love it
love it!
thanks stephanie

John Decker said...

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